Abicus Modernicus

This is just the absolute most nifty cool thing since … calculators! In any google search field enter something such as 2+2 and have the answer revealed. The even fascinatinger thing is that is works for conversions as well … 5 feet 7 inches in cm … says how short i am cm, for instance. Now an equasion in word is a ctrl-click:applescriptGoogleSearch away. It’s a bit depressing that I am actually excited about this. Hm. macosxhints – Calculate values in Safari courtesy of Google

Palm 5.2 … and Unrelated Sadness

The Zodiac cometh! Have a look at that thing why don’t ya? It certainly appears droolworthy what with bluetooth and all that …

… Sidenotely, it appears that UPN has suddenly removed ST:DS9 which was followed by ST:Voyager in my area’s 9-11 slot and replaced it with bileworthy billowing amounts of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. Oh, the pain. The pain!

remnants of confabulation