NetNewsWire Testing & Freebie Games

This would happen to be a first post using NetNewsWire. I'm testing it out as opposed to Radio UserLand. It seems to offer much greater utility for me without the apparent fragility of the sites Radio publishes. I made a small change to a local file and poof went everything. This happened before too … so it looks like NNW (now if only it would do all the little preference/privacy features of LJ).

While I’m rambling, I’ll mention this site that’s got updated versions of Kings Quest I and II (pc) that are free. Check it out!

On a more violent note, when you desperately need to use macOSX to blow up tanks, jeeps, and such as simplistically as possible? Check out Barrage (free) from Derek Arndt Other developers have worked on other things of a portish nature can also be had for various platforms.

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