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Google wants to share your photos with your nearest and not-dearest

Feeble human! Your spouse is clamoring for cute kid photos and you once again forgot to send them. Well, stand aside: Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) will now share your photos for you.They will be shared automatically, aided by facial recognition and a somewhat kludgy understanding of who you have relationships with.

Source: Google wants to share your photos with your nearst and not-dearest – Naked Security

More evidence Mac ransomware exists

We’ve been saying it for some time: Mac malware is rare compared to the stuff that targets Windows. But Apple computers are far from immune.This year’s SophosLabs malware forecast included Mac malware geared towards harvesting data, providing covert remote access to thieves and holding files for ransom.Other examples of Mac ransomware include OSX/Filecode-K and OSX/Filecode-L.Now comes word of a new piece of Mac ransomware, which SophosLabs has identified as OSX/Ransom-A. Widely reported as an example

Source: More evidence Mac ransomware exists – Naked Security