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News as Evidence?!?

The world … more and more like a very scary paranoia movie. Or a third world country of “law.” So sad. SecurityFocus HOME Columnists: The Subpoenas are Coming!: ” Presumably to demonstrate that Lamo in fact hacked into the New York Times. I would certainly hope that the government would be able to prove this through other means — like the IP logs. But if you peruse the affidavit submitted by the FBI to arrest Adrian Lamo, you begin to wonder. The affidavit is rife with references to articles written by Security Focus reporter Kevin Poulsen, and’s Sullivan, as their principal ‘evidence’ of Lamo’s guilt.”


It’s finally over! I’ll soon have a framed piece of paper conferring the status of Juris Doctor. Despite anything, I just woudn’t quit and am finally at the end. The whole last few years share the selfsame sentiment expressed in the on so witty syllabus of my last class (Sales Transactions) …

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