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Taste with Your Ears – Cook’s Science

Kathy Gunst, a radio journalist and the resident chef at NPR’s Here and Now, interviewed chef Jacques Pépin for the first time on the radio about ten years ago. She wanted to hear about what he had learned from his many decades in the kitchen. What he said surprised her. Because what he described did not have to do with flavor combinations or ingredient sourcing. It had to do with sound.Pépin told her he could walk into a kitchen where a young cook was searing a steak and immediately tell if the steak was going to be overcooked. Not by looking. Just by the quality of the sound.

Source: Taste with Your Ears – Cook’s Science

June Bugs

AdN-IMG_0250Despite that phrase about the soft rains of April, here in Singapore in June there is no end in sight. I’m not so sure that there is such a thing as soft rain in SE Asia. At least Singapore is a great place to eat yourself silly. This is a task that I relish.

Staying with a friend in the Novena area has been great. There is VeloCity, Novena Square, United Square, and the MRT within a few minutes walk.

Price Per Milligram

Whilst in the grocery store I saw a bit of cheese. The sign said ¥210. In this scenario, it is important not to jump to the triumphant glee of serendipitous circumstance phase. For future self, these are the steps:

Step One:  Note that the stated price is per unit of measure and NOT for the whole chunk of whatever it is.

Step Two:  Check the label for the actual price for the item by weight.

Step Three:  Gasp in horror.

Step Four:  Put that thing back and walk away.

By following these simple steps, it is possible to avoid becoming the sheepish owner of an inordinately expensive bit of a clearly unnecessary luxury item.