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Yakuza Moon

I have not read this yet, but it’s recently been published in English. Yakuza Moon, the autobiography of a daughter of a yakuza (Japanese mobster) and her struggles with discrimination, abuse, rape and drug addiction, and ultimately how she overcame these problems. It sure doesn’t sound very Japanese and should prove a good read, and a useful insight into yakuza principles and philosophies.

The Origin of the Ants

It has been found. The source of the plague of late which has sought to drive me slowly insane at the constant, yet intermittent, appearance of a solitary creature crawling tauntingly in my path of vision. Wits grappled to deceiver their sinister machinations. For what end are they sending this procession of scouts? Surely there must be more! Alas, The vast colony of hundreds if not thousands of their fellows along with white patches which I surmise could only be egg hatcheries (and trepidation at closer examination was stronger than the desire for surety of knowledge). There they lay in the shelter of literature. That raised indentation of pages between two hard covers … Baudolino by Umberto Eco. High on a shelf they met their due -genocide- despite my fluttering vegetarian heart. Well, I did not eat them.

To be or, or … um … line!

The Association for Psychological Science did an interesting study on how actors remember their lines. Apparently it’s not be memorization but by feeling their characters intention so that the line comes naturally. It has interesting implications to regular people studying …

For example, students who studied material by imagining conveying its meaning to somebody else who needed the information showed higher retention than those who tried to memorize the material by rote.

I wonder if any of this is in the Mind Hacks O’Reilly book. I’ve been curious about it for quite some time but never quite gotten around to having too much of a look …

Had a nice-ish day yesterday starting with breakfast at coffee bean where I finished the book I’ve been reading, “The Cobweb” (Neal Stephenson, J. Frederick George) Along the lines of regular cultural differences, here in SG they dropped the “The” from the title.

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