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Legend of the Seeker

Having read all the Sword of Truth books from Terry Goodkind, I was pleased to see a Disney-ABC rendition appear in the form of Legend of the Seeker. It does take a whirlwind approach on the novels, but it is still quite a ripping storyline even skipping over some things with a liberty necessarily afforded to a mass-appeal medium. Or, perhaps it’s just that I have read the books and am able to get more out of it than is presented … just not sure. It’s a pleasant diversion nonetheless.

Revisionist History

Along the lines of he who controls the present controls the past and he who controls the past controls the future … It ooks like the Japanese Government is up to its old tricks again, rewriting history textbooks for its public school students. This time, references to the order by the Imperial Army for civilians to commit mass suicide in the Battle of Okinawa were deleted, even though these references had been made in previous editions of the textbooks.