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Palm 5.2 … and Unrelated Sadness

The Zodiac cometh! Have a look at that thing why don’t ya? It certainly appears droolworthy what with bluetooth and all that …

… Sidenotely, it appears that UPN has suddenly removed ST:DS9 which was followed by ST:Voyager in my area’s 9-11 slot and replaced it with bileworthy billowing amounts of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. Oh, the pain. The pain!

God acts in queer ways

With the recall of Davis as California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger threw his hat into the race! The “governator.” Really???
Inciting protests, Reverend Gene Robinson was confirmed as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church (US Anglican thing). Other bishops called this a “pastoral emergency,” but he said: “Just as Jesus reached out to people on the fringes and brought them in,” he said, “that’s what the Episcopal Church is doing with this vote.”