Another WebHostFace

IMG_5845w DreamHost. It was alright. Not a dream, though. An expiring discount wanes along with the realization that this blog rests decidedly along the more leisurely stagnant slope. So, to preserve the lifeless, I sought out the aid of MakeUseOf Deals to find and even better deal with the delightfully named WebHostFace. They actually seem quite helpful and responsive, are full on with the Let’s Encrypt movement, have all the cPanelz, PHPz and SQLz, and their Softaculous module installer thing is nifty, if only to browse what sort of things are out there.


OSX Missing Essentials: Time Machine FileGoBack & HistoryHound

Time machine is a godsend when you need to get back a missing file. You can almost blindly root around through the available dates until it shows up – and count yourself lucky. The rooting around becomes exceedingly more difficult when you’re after a previous version of a particular document though. I’ve just come across an amazingly useful utility that makes this revision search easier, FileGoBack. You can use it like a regular application, but it’s also just a right-click away in your services menu where it really shines. My only annoyance is that this utility has been around for quite some time without me being aware.

Jerry Krinock, the man behind Sheep Systems, also makes some really useful bookmark utilities if you happen to use more than one browser. I like Synkmark for the control it offers in organizing and verifying bookmarks in addition to the main feature of keeping your favorites up to date across Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It lets me choose a primary browser as the standard and helps to avoid the very evil looping situation it’s so easy to get into when you also use iCloud and Google sync services. I have used the more readily advertised Xmarks in the past, but gave up when the end result was too frequently a universally in sync corruption. I just want the sync to happen when I want it to rather than attempt to trust software to trigger on every seeming change everywhere.

While thinking about browser tools this week I also re-discovered HistoryHound. If you’ve ever tried to find something you remember having seen on some webpage somewhere, this will really help you out. It configurably indexes your cache of things browsed to increase your chances of finding what was found (and omitting what ought not be). This goes well beyond the dated list of URLs available in your History menu since it lets you search your actual recent content ordered by relevance. Bravo to St. Clair Software, who also make the more well-known Default Folder X.

(Since this post may seem overly complementary, I’ll make it clear that the only relationship with any entity mentioned is having bought the software at regular price.)

Schengen: 90/180

The Schengen zone consists of 26 countries in the EU with a border agreement allowing those exempt from social visit visa requirements to enter for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period. This specifically applies to US/CA/AU citizens and is somewhat troublesome to calculate. In trying to figure this out, I came across these utilities which might help: The official EU one, a less cluttered Visa Calculator, and an iOS app, 90 – Schengen.

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